Research and Teaching Interests

Econometric Studies

Research interests in this area focus on investigating differences in health care costs between different countries in the OECD and to develop useful econometric models in order to be able to measure prospective system effects on costs. Another important purpose is to sort out the effects of different explanatory variables on the volume of health care produced and the relative price of health care in different countries, and to make a separate analysis of the cost level of pharmaceuticals.

Keywords: health care, econometrics, expenditures, OECD, regression analysis.



Health Economic Evaluations

Research interests in this area focus on the development of methods to evaluate health changes in monetary terms and to test a number of hypotheses regarding the evaluation of health changes.

Keywords: economic evaluation, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, cost-benefit.



Pharmaceutical Economics

Research interests in this area focus on the cost development for pharmaceuticals and the analysis of shifting in pharmaceutical therapies and to highlight which institutional changes contribute to a more efficient use of pharmaceuticals.

Keywords: pharmaceuticals, drug expenditure, cost development, NCE, price indices.



The Organisation and Financing of Health Care

Research interests in this area include international comparisons of cost control and equity. The latter can be studies of health distribution in a population or the financing of health care with respect to different social groups.

Keywords: organisation, financing, equity, governance, public health care.



Productivity and Quality Measurement in Health Care>

Areas of interest are productivity and quality measurement and contracts and incentives in health care. Research in this area include patient experiences of quality, stochastic DEA models, different Bootstrap frameworks, quality adjustments of productivity and efficiency measures and price setting of health care services.

Keywords: productivity, DEA, Malmquist index, bootstrap, quality measurement


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